Teacher Spotlight – Taylor

Classes that you teach: Vinyasa 1, Vinyasa 2, & Gentle Flow. (Also sub for yin & hiit)
How do you strike a balance between your personal practice and teaching? I think it took me a year or so to find a balance between teaching yoga & my personal yoga practice. I found that balance by continuing to explore the 8 limbs of yoga. Rather than just focusing so much on Asana. By exploring all the different parts of yoga I found myself naturally drawn back to my mat & my personal practice.
What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out on their yoga or barre journey? New beginnings are something we don’t often give ourselves as adults. Enjoy the beginner butterflies, don’t force anything & drink lots of water.
What is your favorite yoga pose or barre move and why? And what’s your least favorite yoga pose or barre move and why? My favorite yoga pose is Tulandasna. As my students know I love to teach many variations of this pose in my classes. This pose as a student is humbling, strengthening, challenging but easily modified. Tulandasna as a teacher is a great pose that flows well in any sequence, has a dozen cues that can deepen the pose for the most experienced yogi but also has a dozen cues for making this pose more accessible for all bodies.
My least favorite yoga pose is headstand. I have a bad cervical spine & avoid this pose no matter what.
What’s your favorite yoga/barre quote or mantra? Soften your jaw & breathe.
What made you want to teach yoga/barre? For me, teaching yoga was a part of a big life shift. I made many tough changes & started new journeys to find more peace in my life. Teaching yoga was always something I wanted to do. For a long time it was just a goal I had on the back burner, even tho I thought about it everyday for years. I’m so glad I started to prioritize my goals because now that’s something I do a lot more often & I’ve never been happier.
How would you describe your classes/teaching style? My teaching style is foundations based. I love anatomy & proper alignment. I also LOVE teaching beginners. In my classes you will become very familiar with the alignment of foundational poses which helps you find depth in every pose.
What is one piece of advice you always give your students? What do you want students to take away from your classes? My advice to my students is to soften your jaw & drink more water. I want students take away the importance of tuning into your body, breath & tension that you hold on to. I hope they continue to breath mindfully, soften their jaw & relax their shoulders after class is over. Also, drink more water. 🙂
How does yoga/barre connect with your life off the mat? What is your advice to beginners? Thanks to yoga, I find myself much more comfortable & confident in situations that are tough or challenging. My advice to beginners is to listen to your self talk during a pose that is tough (not painful) for you. If you are thinking “is this pose almost over” or “I can’t wait till we move to a different pose” try a different approach. Rather than thinking things that can promote stress, try finding a sense of calm in the discomfort. Know that you can build a higher tolerance for uncomfortable or challenging situations & that translates well into the real world. Soon the habit of thinking unhelpful thoughts turn into opportunities to focus on our breath, relax & create change in the body & mind.
What do you like to do when you’re not at Pressed? When I’m not at pressed I am spending time with my little growing family. My husband Josh, our cat Sylvester, dog Maui & our soon-to-be first child! During the warmer months we live an active lifestyle full of softball, volleyball, golf & being out on white bear lake. Year round I practice yoga, cycling, CrossFit, foster dogs & volunteer for animal rescues.