Teacher Spotlight – Wendy

Currently teaching 11:00 Gentle flow on Thursday.

In the past have taught Vin I & II, Hiit yoga, Yin
The advice I’ve given to others starting on their Yoga journey is to leave all of your expectations for yourself in the car.
Your yoga journey will always be different than your Yogi neighbor in the classroom.  So put your mat down and enjoy the process.
My favorite pose is Sun A.  I absolutely love the start of practice when we are waking up our breath and our bodies.  Matching our yoga breath with movement is something that I love to experience in each and every class. Either teaching or as a student.
My least favorite pose is camel.  It can be such a huge heart opener that at times it can overwhelm me.
I got excited about teaching during one of my mid life crises. (LOL).  My twins (children  2 and 3) had just left for college and I decided there was more “me” time in my schedule.  I decided to combine my love of practicing yoga into a job. I absolutely love and appreciate both aspects of yoga.  Teaching and practicing.
I would say my teaching style is always breath first linked to movement.  If you’ve taken my classes before you know I am big on checking in with yourself and seeing how your feeling before you start your practice.  Nothing feels worse than your body telling you that you need an easier day and your brain saying ‘push yourself’ and you decide to go that route.  Always Always listen to your body.
My goal for students leaving my class is to say “that was just what I needed”.  I am just your guide it’s up to you to decide how to approach your practice.  It’s going to be different on any given day.
I’ve had lots of friends and people I meet say I’m going to start Yoga: once I lose 10 pounds or practice a little so I know what to do.
Pressed’s classes are for everyBODY all sizes, shapes, ages and level.  Just come to a class and get on your mat. You will not regret it!
When I’m not at Pressed I love to stay pretty active. I love hiking and bike riding, downhill skiing, lifting weights and spending time at our cabin on Bay Lake
I love to travel too. Visiting a National Park doing some hiking and exploring is a perfect vacation for me. I’m also patiently waiting for some Grandkids from my ever expanding family.
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