Get to Know Your Customers Day – Amy M.

Up next for ⭐️ Get To Know Your Customers Day ⭐️ is Amy M. (and her sweet daughter Ava)! ???? .

?? Favorite pose and why? ?‍♀️ I love balance poses such as tree ? , warrior 3, eagle ? and half moon. ? It forces me to concentrate on my breathing ?technique and engage my core. It feels good when both connect together. ? .

?? Why yoga? ?‍♀️ I enjoy exercising but after doing a high interval workout ?️‍♀️ I don’t make the time to stretch. Yoga has allowed me to make the time that my body needs to unwind and improve my flexibility. ?? .

?? What have you learned about yourself on the mat that is applicable to life outside the studio? The hour I’m in the studio helps me clear my mind and that mental chatter ? that I walked in with. It’s okay ??(and healthy) to pause, reflect and then execute. .

?? Have you noticed any difference in your body or overall health since you started practicing yoga? Yes! ‼️ My chaturanga’s feel better ?? (it may not look better, ha! ?) and my hamstrings and hips are slowly loosening up. ?‍♀️ It’s not overnight ? success but I can feel change. ✔️ .

?? When you’re not on your mat, where can we find you? With my husband Chad and our daughter Ava. ❤️

?? Tips for a new student who has never been to Pressed? Just come in! ? Don’t worry about knowing the names of all of the poses ? and trying to keep up. Everyone practices yoga ?‍♀️ differently and don’t expect your practice to look like your neighbors. ?‍♂️?‍♀️ Just relax ? and your body will tell you how to flow through the hour. ??.