Get to Know Your Customers Day – Kate Z

Next up for ⭐️ Get To Know Your Customers Day ⭐️ is Kate Z! ??.

?? Favorite pose and why? ?‍♀️ I love the challenge of an arm balance! ??.

?? Why yoga? To find inner peace ☮️ and strength. ?? .

?? What have you learned about yourself on the mat that is applicable to life outside the studio? Patience! I have a fast paced job. ??‍? When things get overwhelming ? at work, I use the breathing techniques I’ve learned from yoga ?‍♀️ to help me focus on what is important. ??.

?? Have you noticed any difference in your body or overall health since you started practicing yoga? Less back pain ?? , more strength ?? , better sleep. ?.

?? When you’re not on your mat, where can we find you? At home ? enjoying time with my husband and 4 year old. ❤️.

?? Tips for a new student who has never been to Pressed? Enjoy the beautiful ? space, take a vinyasa 1 ?‍♀️ and just relax ??‍♀️ and go with the flow.