Grief to Gratitude Workshop 11/11

Grief to Gratitude Workshop:
I’m no stranger to loss. My grandma died when I was 19, her daughter, my aunt died when I was 26, and her other daughter, my mom, died when I was 31. The year after my mom died, I got divorced. Talk about loss!
All of these deaths were unexpected and all of these women were young. I was young. I have no female family left. I’m it. And now I was suddenly a single mother too? After my mom’s death, I “found” yoga. It literally saved me. It gave me an out. A place to move and breath without expectations or judgement. It allowed me to come to my mat and move, or sometimes… cry. Yoga taught me that to be vulnerable is to heal, and ultimately learn how be grateful. Grateful for the women who I had the privilege of being raised by, and grateful for the son I was given to raise. Mostly grateful for a body to continue to live in and move everyday.
Life is truly short, lets be grateful! Even when its hard.
During this workshop we will practice yoga (a slow and gentle flow focused on breathe and meditation), as well as spend some time discussing and journaling (through prompts) how we can turn our grief to gratitude. We all have experienced loss. For some of us that comes in the form of the death of a loved one, for others its the loss of a job, a pet, a long term relationship. Loss comes in many forms and all of it is valid. Grief is often ignored in our society, and not given the attention it deserves. Through my own loss, I’ve learned the value of a strong breath and physical yoga practice. I have learned to lean into the grief but not live in it. No loss is minimized. All are welcome, and no one will be asked to share. This is a personal practice and journey, I’m just here to guide and offer some loving ideas to help us all heal and focus on gratitude. There will be journals provided to each student, as well as hand outs, a personal essential oil, and gem stone. I hope you will consider coming and connecting to gratitude. I cant wait!! ~ Cassie
Sunday, November 11th 2:30-4:30 pm
Members: $25
Non-Members: $35
Prices include: journal, personal essential oil, and gem stone