Aromatic Yoga Workshop

Aromatic Yoga Workshop
In this 3-part workshop students will explore the powerful connection between aromatherapy and yoga, learning how to enhance their practice with essential oils. Each workshop is an engaging mix of lecture and asana, addressing anxiety, focus, balance, and more. Each student will leave empowered with the knowledge to safely use aromatherapy in their practice. Class is a mix of lecture and yoga so please be prepared with your minds and your mats! All essential oils will be provided.
Week 1 11/6 – Essential Oils for Grounding and Centering
Week 2 11/13 – Essential Oils to Deepen the Breath and the Postures
Week 3 11/20 – Essential Oils for Strength and Endurance
Single Workshop Cost: $30 for Members/$35 for Non-Members
All 3 Workshops Cost: $80 for Members/$95 for Non-Members