Why Cold-Pressed Juice?

No heat is introduced so the amount of oxygen is minimized during the juicing process. Heat and oxygen are the main factors in the degradation of nutritional value and flavor in your juice. By eliminating heat and significantly reducing the oxygen, the nutrients and living enzymes in our juice stays intact and allows us to bottle our juice while retaining all the nutrients for up to four (4)days once sealed and refrigerated.

Do we use organic produce and ingredients?

Yes. We actually source all of our ingredients organically and locally as much as we possibly can. We constantly strive to preference local growers, farms, and suppliers. If organic or local produce varieties are unavailable or out of season, we substitute with other high-quality options.

Why is our juice so expensive?

Our prices are actually on the low to mid-point of the fresh pressed juice category. We are in line with competitors, and lower than many as well. Several pounds of fresh, raw, organic, local produce are in EVERY bottle of our juice. We are committed to these high standards, however this also results in a higher price point. If you are having a tough time justifying the cost, look at it this way: there is more produce in one bottle of our juice than you would get in a large salad at a restaurant where you would easily pay much more. As you may already know, juicing can be a costly, time-consuming, and involved process – and those aspects of juicing still exist even when doing it on a larger scale, our juice is fresh-pressed every day. It is truly the most fair price we can possibly offer.

What is HPP, and why don’t we use it?

HPP (short for High Pressure Pasteurization) is a preservation process that many national (and some local) juice companies use to add shelf life to their juice, and preserve it for longer periods of time (usually up to 30-45 days). We believe in producing a juice that has not been altered, frozen, or compromised in any way. Juice that has been processed using HPP has been sterilized, and may have had it’s nutrient value impacted. Therefor we choose to make FRESH juice everyday and avoid HPP.


What exactly is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a period typically from 1-5 days, where you commit to solely consuming raw fruit and vegetable juices, to allow your body to rest, release toxins, and restore nutrients. Our cleanse contains six (6) 16oz juices per day. Each individual person should determine the quantity of juice and duration of the cleanse that fits their body and lifestyle. A “cleanse” can range from simply replacing one meal a day with a juice, to consuming solely juice for one or more days (typically 1-5 days). You decide what is most beneficial for you. Sometimes just a juice a day is a good way to ween yourself into a full juice cleanse. A juice cleanse gives your body a hiatus from the task of digesting food and fiber, which allows it to focus its energy on absorbing the nutrients necessary for achieving and maintaining optimal health, while simultaneously purging toxins that have accumulated over time. By substituting your fiber intake with pure fruit and vegetable juice, your body is able to more readily assimilate all of the available nutrients and enzymes. This means that enzymes that are usually being used up by the process of digestion are now free to engage in other metabolic processes, giving your energy and immune system a boost.

Can I cleanse if I am pregnant or nursing?

It is not recommended that pregnant or nursing women do a cleanse. Supplementing your intake with our individual juices should be okay. Please consult your doctor first.

Will I be hungry on a juice cleanse?

Some people do feel hunger pains, especially during the first couple of days as your body adjusts to consuming only liquids. This should improve as your body acclimates. Everyone’s body has different needs, do what is right for you. If you need to chew/eat something, just make sure it is a raw fruit or vegetable.

Can I exercise while cleansing?

Light exercising is encouraged as a way to maximize the detoxification process. Just keep in mind that heavy exercise may require you to consume extra juice to account for the calories lost.

At Pressed we use a state of the art hydraulic press system (Goodnature X-1) delivering the purest most refreshing juice yet.